Cow Farms

Welcome to Our Cows Paradise

Our farm that has a lot of facilities and a read of endless greens. A home wherever the grass is inexperienced, the water is contemporary, and therefore the feed is delicious. Our farms with a pretty piece of land wherever we’ve designed the best home for our Desi cows. During this home, we’ve taken each effort to nurture our cows & keep them happy & healthy, in order that they will turn out quality milk that provides various health advantages – simply the approach nature meant.
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Come see our Desi cows being themselves

We invite you to come and meet our beloved cows and experience the fascinating world of our cattle and milking.

20 Acres of heaven.

Rudhra Dairy Farm is spread over 26 acres. Our farms stretch across a beautiful piece of land where we have built a state-of-art home for our Desi cows.

Clean and Happy spaces

Each cow on our farm has her own place, and is kept in perfect condition. Apart from shady green areas to rest and ruminate, they are kept cool with water sprays and fans.

Daily Eats

We use a Total Mix Ratio that is full of minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Customized for cows as per weight and age, The foods that make our cows go, “Mmm-oo!”

The Best Quality Breeds

We fulfilling promises to deliver healthily, well vaccinated, physically fit breeds with experts approved range of Kankrej Cows, Gir Cows, Sahiwal Cows..etc.

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